NECABIO 2021: Physics and engineering in “first aid” to regenerative medicine

The International Conference “Emerging Biomaterials and Regenerative Cardiology and Neurology – NECABIO 2021 (see conference website here) took place in Prague from 27 to 29 July. The event was held as part of a four-year European project funded by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST), and involves hundreds of scientists and doctors from 38 nations. Among the objectives, the consolidation of the interaction between physics and other natural sciences with Regenerative Cardiology and Neurology.

The Conference was attended by Scientists and Doctors who carry out research on Biomaterials or in Advanced Characterization Techniques or in Modeling, in order to achieve significant progress in different areas of Regenerative Medicine, in particular in Cardiology and Neurology.

The first speech, at the opening of the Conference, was that of Dr. Ing. Massimo Rogante from Civitanova, invited speaker and member of the Scientific Committee of the event, who presented the results of his advanced nanocharacterization activities, using neutron techniques, of medical devices such as coronary and vascular stents.

An important theme of the event, of increasingly high importance, was that of stem cells and their possible use for the treatment of neurological and cardiovascular diseases: the latter are the main cause of death in the Western world, while neurological diseases occur in an increasing measure within the progressively aging population.